Dressing gowns & afternoon tea

It’s not every day you get invited for afternoon tea in London. Our invitation arrived this week.
Our lovely friends at Spabreaks.com have created the first Women’s Wellness Week with the message #bekindtoyou, to raise awareness and discussions about women’s health and wellbeing, encouraging us all to be a little kinder to ourselves.

In the lead up to Women’s Wellness Week (16-22 September) members of the Spabreaks.com team will walk 100 miles in their dressing gowns (and slippers I ask?!) to raise money for the week’s beneficiary cancer support charity, Look Good Feel Better. The end of the walk will mark the start of the #bekindtoyou afternoon tea.

I must admit I love the idea of being kind to myself by stuffing myself with cream cakes. What a great start to the campaign! But, seriously, how easy is it to put ourselves first on a regular basis? Women are trying to be everything to everyone (with no small degree of success), but while we’re climbing our ladders, raising families, and being the ultimate socialite (in our dreams), it’s often our own wellbeing that gets neglected.

So Spabreaks are encouraging everyone to put aside a little time each week just for you. So, go on, get tweeting about what you are going to do for yourself this week: #bekindtoyou @spabreaks @fromyoutome. You might just make a habit of it! ;-)